Pilates for you


Embracing Change

'improve your quality of life through personally supervised exercise'

People Walking

Life takes its toll on the body.  Would you like to …

  • walk more easily?

  • feel stronger and more flexible?

  • improve your posture?

  • find your core muscles?

  • prevent back pain?

  • hold back the aging process?

  • improve your balance?

  • lengthen and tone your body?

  • improve your ability to carry out everyday activities?

Pilates is a unique form of low impact exercise which concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength, posture, balance and flexibility.  With personal supervision the chance of injury is much lower than with other more strenuous forms of exercise that involve cardio or impact.



Loraine Hilton


Level 3 qualified Pilates instructor.

Aged 55, I was born in Shrewsbury and relocated to Buckden when I married Mark. Between us we have four grown up children.


I am passionate about Pilates and the benefits it can bring to life. My professional development is continuous, bringing variety and expertise to the class.  

1-2-1 Pilates

just for men


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'This is the first exercise class I have ever joined and after six months I am finding that my knee pain and the flexibility of my knee has definitely improved'            

Mark H

'My wife signed me up and I didn't think I would like it but now I can see how weak I am and how far I have to go, but at least I can see its achievable.      

MB (aged 58)

'I'm not an exercise person but I don't have a choice any more because I want to stop the gradual decline and keep doing the things I enjoy in life. I like it once I get here and I love the feeling after doing the class.'    

MG (aged 62)

'I got a bad back doing Pilates which defeats the object but I feel safe with you because the classes are small and you come around correcting us'     

AJ (aged 45)

I have never been good at exercising, I tried yoga but that was not for me. Then I found Loraine and have been doing Pilates with her since. She is fantastic, she has a way of relaxing people and connecting with them. In a short time I could see a difference. I am 63 and I want to keep active, but she will fit with all capability’s. If you have any doubts don’t worry, she will take great care of you.


'My back can really feel the difference when I miss a week of pilates'      

JO (aged 47)

'I wish I'd started Pilates before I took up running' 


'For 48, I thought I was in quite good shape apart from the occasional dodgy back, but now I can see the stomach muscles I thought I had are really weak. My wife signed me up, I would never have come along but I like it'